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Symptom Management >Loss of Appetite

About Loss of Appetite

The following conditions may affect the patient’s appetite or food intake:

  • Progression of tumour
  • Symptoms such as pain, nausea, constipation, oral ulcers, ascites
  • Side effects of medications and treatments
  • Psychological factors

Non-medical Treatment

  • Maintain oral hygiene
  • Relieve symptoms such as dry mouth, nausea, constipation, pain and emotional upset
  • If nausea occurs, take the prescribed anti-vomiting drugs half an hour before meal times
  • Have small frequent meals
  • Clean your mouth before eating to enhance the sense of taste
  • Prepare some of your favourite foods based on your changes in taste
  • Try to relax when eating; do not force eating. Family members should avoid coercion and should instead encourage and accompany the patient in eating
  • Avoid lying in bed or sleeping immediately after eating
  • For more advice by dietitians, browse Caring tips > Food and nutrition

If necessary, consult healthcare professionals about suitable nutritional supplements or arrange to meet dietitians for dietary advice.

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