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About Feeding

  • Pay attention to surrounding safety and ensure that tools (if any) are placed on a stable surface or used with non-slip mats
  • Recommended sitting postures: sit upright to the inner part of back rest in a sturdy chair to ensure sufficient support for the back. Keep the back straight with hips, knees and ankles at right angles. The carer can offer help to avoid patient having an incorrect posture which might affect eating

Assistive Devices

Scooper bowls and plates

To make the use of spoons easier and avoid spilling of food

Chopstick adaptor

Suitable for people with insufficient fine motor function

Universal cuff for utensil

To be used with daily utensils

Customised utensils

The handle can be set to different angles to customise according to individual need

Watch the following short clip on tips and things to note about feeding techniques:

Consult your medical team in case of any questions.