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About Itchy Skin

Patients with end stage renal failure may have different symptoms due to renal impairment, some of which include itchy skin. Possible causes include:

  • Accumulation of metabolic waste in the body leads to an excessive level of uric acid and phosphorus in blood which causes itchy skin
  • Dry skin

Medical Treatment

  • Healthcare professionals will provide appropriate treatment based on the causes of the symptoms
  • Notify healthcare professionals if the patients find their skin itchy all over their body. If indicated, doctors may prescribe oral medications to control the symptoms

Non-medical Treatment

  • Reduce soap use and avoid hot water in the shower to relieve dry skin
  • Apply moisturizer or baby oil to relieve dry skin
  • If the patient’s blood phosphorus level is high, restrict the intake of foods high in phosphorus, such as organs, milk and dairy products, beans and soy products, nuts, dried fruits, whole wheat and five grains
  • Chinese slow-cooked soups are also high in phosphorus and not suitable for patients. Choose soups that are cooked for less than 45 minutes or contain less meat or follow the instructions of the healthcare professionals to have diet low in phosphorus