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About Manual Massage

Purpose: Prevent pressure injury and control oedema

* With patients who are lying in bed and unable to move, parts of the body may be prone to pressure, resulting in damage to the skin (pressure injury)

Back of the head, Scapula, Elbow, Hip ridge, Sacrum, Ischium, Pelvic Girdle, Inner knees, Outer part of ankles and heels, Outer part of the foot


Lie down on your back and support your arms and feet with pillows.

Massage Techniques

Massage from bottom to top, from hands up to shoulders or feet up to thighs.


  • Before massage, apply some lotion to keep the skin moisturized and reduce skin damage due to friction
  • Avoid massaging on skin that is already red
  • During the first two times, massage for five minutes and observe the effect
  • If the oedema is severe, start with massaging the upper arms or thighs and then the forearms and calves
  • Massage two to three times a day, 15 to 20 minutes per session
  • After massaging, keep the arms and legs supported by pillows. You can try to enhance the effect of massage with joint movement exercise