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Redesign your lifestyle to improve your ability in self-care
To slow down degradation and improve memory, patients can engage in more memory training activities, use memory reminder tools and change the layout of the environment where necessary. It is also necessary for the family and caregivers to use communication methods to coordinate with such changes.
It is important for dementia patients to have positive attitude, which will be helpful for slowing down the progression of the disease. Here are some warm reminders:
  • Be kind to yourself and always wear a smile on your face
  • Be family-oriented and maintain a good relationship with your family
  • Maintain a regular lifestyle
  • Maintain a balanced diet and exercise every day
  • Maintain and expand your social circles for better interpersonal communication
  • Take part in activities to keep learning something new
  • Give credit to yourself for the success in everyday life
IT resources or mobile games help improve memory
With advancing technology, IT and media have become an indispensable part of our lives. Caregivers and patients with “mild dementia” can look up pathological information, brain exercise, cognitive training, applications for medication reminder and caring tips on tablets, the Internet and mobile applications. Proper use of IT resources can help to maintain and improve brain functions, as well as patients’ self-confidence and esteem. We can encourage the younger generation to try out online brain exercises with the older generation to promote harmonious cross-generation interaction, mutual support and tolerance.
Mobile applications for patients with “mild dementia” and “dementia”:
Name of application Organisation
CHEERS Tung Wah Hospitals Eastern, Central & Western District community centre
Six Art®Fun Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association
智有腦 (Chinese Version Only) Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Websites for dementia patients
There are many websites that provide interactive online training materials for patients with dementias and their caregivers. Through games that stimulate everyday life, patients can train their memory, concentration, mental arithmetic, judgement and brain-eye coordination.

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